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What is SurvivalMP?

We are a survival semi-vanilla old school type Minecraft server with a basic local spawn layout and a great mature community and player base. The server uses essential commands like /spawn /home etc and there is no claims! PvP is enabled and raiding is allowed so make sure to build far out and be careful who you choose to trust. Join for yourself and take a gander :) 


A very basic list of server rules
No cheats!

This includes: Hacked clients, custom clients with cheats, xray packs, and exploits.

Keep chat clean!

This incudes: NO spamming, advertising
or disruptive behavior in chat.

Be nice!

We do not tolerate: racism, sexism, or any type shape or form of harassment.

Frequently asked questions

  • How often does the world reset?
    Not very often. We generally will reset the world if a update comes out that changes world generation.
  • How far out should I build?
    We recommend building at least 25k+ blocks away from spawn point to assure safety to your builds.
  • How to I appeal a ban?
    You can appeal bans via our discord server. Simply create a ticket and we'll give you a response within 24 hours.
  • Is PvP and raids allowed?
    Yes! Pvp and raiding is allowed so be careful who you trust and where you set base.
  • Where is the server located?
    The server is currently located in Chicago, IL, USA

Join our discord! 

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